Glenda Lezeau

Mind Coach & Author

Guiding you into finding answers from within to enhance your mind

Hi, I’m Glenda!  I get excited when it comes to analyzing the human mind in relation to self-development! Being strongly connected to your mind allows you to build a healthy relationship with yourself while living a life aligned with your true self.

My Story

I wasn’t always on a healthy journey with my mind. As a matter of fact, growing up, the voice in my head was really, really mean and I was in denial about the mental health issues that I was dealing with.

It wasn’t until I had a psychotic mental breakdown that I had an “aha” moment that in order to fully heal, I needed to figure out a way to rebuild my mind towards mental wellness and find ways to love myself. That moment happened in 2011. Now, I have cultivated a healthy (not perfect) mind along with a healthy, beautiful, and loving relationship with myself. These two factors have positively impacted my life in ways I could never imagine. 

Now, I love helping people like YOU also reap the benefits of a healthy mind with a loving voice that leads you to a loving relationship with Self. And at the same time, you will become the best version of YOU. 

Photos by Gaëtane Bastien (@gaëtane.creates)

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