I present to you…

Mentally rejuvenate™ Workshop

 A virtual wellness experience that transforms and heightens the mental awareness of individuals who seek to live in the present and uncover their power within.

Relieve Stress

This two-hour workshop is packed with many gems designed to relieve any stress you are feeling in the moment or have been feeling.

Boost Your Self-Care

This experience counts as self-care so make sure you get your hours in! Be prepared because this surpasses your current self-care rituals. 

Use Creative Expression

Tap into your creativity as I guide you into a healing letter writing exercise inspired by my book, Letters to My Bipolar Self.

Discover Inner Peace

Who doesn’t desire inner peace? After experiencing Mentally Rejuvenate™, participants rave about how peaceful they feel. 

Listen to those who have been part of this Mentally Rejuvenate™ experience!

“I attended her Mentally Rejuvenate™ workshop and left with a great sense of self and awareness on how to find what centers me. Throughout the experience Glenda showcased empathy, patience and compassion. She is truly a joy to be around and embodies a loving & caring presence in her work.”

– Kareemah Muhammad, RareMaven Media

Glenda’s “Mentally Rejuvenate™” Workshop is absolutely beautifully curated. I was the Executive Producer/Creator of the 2021 Love Thyself Summit and she absolutely heart and handcrafted a beautiful digital workshop that helped people like myself connect to our inner child, tenderly attend to our wounds, and also pour in love where there might have been callouses and pain. She doesn’t shy away from sharing her story – including her challenges, triumphs, and overall victories. Her life is a walking testimony and she blessed us with her vulnerability and strength. This workshop is ESSENTIAL and you will not regret participating or hiring Glenda to lead it for your event(s). 

 Yhá Mourhia Wright, Executive Producer, YháWright Productions 

There are limited spots available. Give your group the wellness experience that they crave.