Rising From Bipolar’s

Turning Symptoms Into Blessings

 A wellness experience that allow individuals to redefine their mental health by learning tools to be mentally well despite mental health symptoms.

Relieve Stress

This two-hour workshop is packed with many gems designed to relieve any stress you are feeling in the moment or have been feeling.

Learn Mental Wellness Tools

This experience is beyond your typical workshop. You will not only learn tools for your mental health, but you will also use some during the workshop.

Use Creative Expression

Tap into your creativity as I guide you into a healing letter writing exercise inspired by my book, Letters to My Bipolar Self.

Discover Yourself Aside from Symptoms

You are more than the mental health symptoms you experience. After Turning Symptoms Into Blessings, participants rave about how much more connected they feel with their true being. 

There are limited spots available. Give your group the empowering mental wellness experience that they crave.